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Dr. Huai Bao has also used the pen name, H. B. Dhawa, for his publications. The name, Dhawa, meaning the moon in the Tibetan language, was given by a renowned Tibetan spiritual teacher with the same name. In Tibetan tradition, if a guru feels that you have great spiritual potential and that you have a connection with him predetermined from a past life, he will give you his name.

Huai Bao has always been an insatiable knowledge seeker. He received his Ph.D. from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. .

Since May 2013, Huai Bao has been working with Professor Emerita Veronica Strong-Boag, F.R.S.C., a historian from the University of British Columbia on the UBC-based e-journal, Women Suffrage and Beyond.

Huai Bao’s research requires extensive field work and deals with histories, cultures, societies, religions, and human beings, using gender and sexuality as central terms for analysis. Having interviewed hundreds of people, he believes that qualitative interviews are as important as large-scale surveys to help a researcher find out the “truth” as well as “facts.”

Huai Bao has written, produced and directed one full length feature film based on a  true story and several short films. He also has published two books and numerous journal articles in North America, Europe, and China, and has taught at UBC, SFU, and UW. As a recipient of the SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) Postdoctoral Research Fellowship 2016-2018, he is currently conducting postdoctoral research with University of Toronto.

Huai Bao’s monograph, Cross-Gender China: Across Yin Yang, Across Cultures, and Beyond Jingju, was published by Rutledge (New York, London and Oxfordshire) in August 2017 .

中文简介:达哇博士在加拿大温哥华西门菲沙大学(Simon Fraser University)获得人文与社会跨学科学科研究博士学位,同时获得加拿大社会与人文科研究学会(SSHRC)颁发的两年期全额博士奖学金(相当于24万人民币)。之后再次获得两年期博士后基金,并在多伦多大学从事博士后研究。自2011年起先后在西门菲莎大学(SFU)、不列颠哥伦比亚大学(UBC)、滑铁卢大学(UW)任教。2010年与2012年,在北京新世界出版社出版《磁场》、《改命》。自2011年起,在欧美学术期刊发表学术论文16篇,曾参加多伦多、蒙特利尔、温哥华、伦敦、布拉格、牛津、澳门等地的世界级学术研讨会并演讲。研究领域涉及大众传媒、流行文化、电影戏剧、东西宗教、社会心理、精神分析。2016年在美国西雅图学习催眠疗法,深入研究人类潜意识和感知,着重于早年创伤对于成人期身心健康的影响以及性别意识的形成。2016年12月在北京大学外国语学院、北京交通大学、北京师范大学和南京师范大学客座讲学。2017年8月英文专著Cross-Gender China: Across Yin Yang, Across Cultures, and Beyond Jingju由英国著名学术出版社罗德里奇出版。

Photo above: Dr. Huai Bao with Ms. Diane Zimberoff, founder of Heart-Centred Hypnotherapy and The Wellness Institute in Washington State, USA.

Photo above: Dr. Huai Bao received the Best Conference Presentation Award at the ICHSC International Conference in Vancouver, BC, in September 2016.


Awards 获奖纪录:

The Best Conference Presentation Award, ICHSC, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2016
SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellowship for 2016-2018: $81,000
SSHRC Doctoral Award for 2013-2015: $40,000
Graduate Fellowship at SFU for Summer 2015: $6,250
SFU Travel and Minor Research Award 2015: $350
SFU Travel and Minor Research Award 2014: $250
Graduate Fellowship at SFU for Fall 2014: $3,125
Graduate Fellowship at SFU for Fall 2013: $3,125
Third Prize, Across the World Travelogue Competition, Chinese Pen Society of Canada, 2013: $100
Graduate Fellowship at SFU for Spring 2013: $3,125
Margaret Lowe Benston Memorial Graduate Bursary in Women’s Studies (GESR100) for Fall 2012: $2,050
Graduate (International) Travel Award for Summer 2012: $2,250
Meredith Kimball Graduate Entrance Scholarship in Women’s Studies for Spring 2011: $1,560
SFU GSS Think Again Conference Award, 2011: $250
Graduate Fellowship at SFU for 2011-2012: $6,250
Scholarship at Vancouver Film School for 2007: $5,000
EverCare Med. Institution 2004: Employee of the Year: $2,000
BEI Master Centre 1998: Employee of the Year



Select Publications 部分发表或出版作品:




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