Research 研究

Coming from a literature background and having a major monograph by Routledge on gender studies and performance studies, my research interests are not fixed or finalized. New discoveries, new technologies, new concepts, ideas, terminologies, and theories emerge every year. A research program that you did years ago might be new and fresh back then, but may not be perceived as ground-breaking this year. Therefore, we cannot stay where we were, but move on.

Although my doctoral dissertation was focused on gender in Chinese culture, it does not mean that I only excel in researching and teaching in that specific field and in that specific geographic region. Over the past few years, I have studied and published in the following areas–

  • Gender and sexuality in literature, cinema, theatre, religions, media and popular culture in the Global South
  • The evolution of the belief system in contemporary Chinese society
  • Sexualities, world religions, and new trends
  • New technology, the cyber space, and the cyber  celebrity culture
  • Women, politics, public safety, and terrorism
  • Interracial and cross-cultural relationships and marriages in North America
  • Women and queer Asian diaspora in Canada
  • Modern legends of the supernatural in the Buddhist culture in Asia
  • The interplay between spirituality and sexuality in Oriental and Western religious practice

Currently, I’m working on a two new projects, one on the gender dynamics in China’s cyber celebrity culture, the rising nationalism and new media in China, and the other on the social and individual realities behind the secrets of religious conversions, which has been chosen to be presented at University of California at Berkeley in April 2018.

Click the link below to read a recently published paper (p. 41-50): Case Studies of Prior Self-Knowledge and Synchronistic Signs of Approaching Death