Research 研究

My research interests are not fixed or finalized. New discoveries, new technologies, new concepts, ideas, terminology, and theories emerge every year. A research program that you did years ago might be new and fresh back then, but may not be perceived as ground-breaking this year. Therefore, we cannot stay where we were, but move on.

Although my doctoral work was focused on gender in East Asian performance, it does not mean that I only research and teach in that specific field and in that specific geographic region. Over the past few years, I have studied and published in the following areas–

  • Gender and sexuality, LGBTQ movements in the Global South
  • The evolution of the belief system in contemporary Chinese society
  • Sexualities, religions, and new trends (Buddhism, Christianity and Islam)
  • New technology, the cyber space, and the cyber  celebrity culture
  • Women, politics, public safety, and terrorism
  • Interracial and cross-cultural relationships and marriages in North America
  • Women and queer Asian diaspora in Canada
  • Modern legends of the supernatural in the Buddhist culture in Asia
  • The interplay between spirituality and sexuality in Oriental and Western religious practice

Currently, I’m working on a research project on the Jin Xing phenomenon in China.

Click the link below to read a recently published paper (p. 41-50): Case Studies of Prior Self-Knowledge and Synchronistic Signs of Approaching Death