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Fearless – 2009 Feature Film Demo – Produced, Written, and Directed by Huai Bao

Based on a true story, the film is a story spanning half a century that connects East and West, the new with the traditional, and the accepted with the forbidden, as seen through the eyes of Wu Wei. While depicting Communist China’s transformation via cross-cultural interaction and the process of globalization, Wu Wei must confront a myriad of issues about humanity, mortality, who he is and what his life is to be. Filmed in Vancouver, Bejing and Tibet, the film is a cross continent journey exploring race, gender, religion and sexuality that delves into the world of interracial and cross-cultural prostitution while focusing at the lives and subcultures of those who are often marginalized in mainstream society.
My Course: Chinese/Transnational Cinema

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Dr. Huai Bao has been featured on CNN, BBC, China Central Television, BTV,
National Geographic Channel, Global Chinese Press, BNN, and YLE.

National Geographic Channel 国家地理频道

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CNN 美国有线新闻网

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Japanese magazine (広告こうこく) 日本《广告》杂志

BBC (With BBC presenter, Paul Crook) 英国广播公司(与主持人柯洪刚)

BNN (Bart’s Neverending Network, Holland) 荷兰广播公司(与主持人、现台长)

BNN (Bart’s Neverending Network, Holland) 荷兰广播公司

sina.com 新浪网

Tianjin TV Talk Show 天津电视访谈节目

BTV Talk Show 北京电视台《国际双行线》

Guangzhou TV 广州电视台

YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) 芬兰广播公司

Global Chinese Press (Canada) 加拿大《环球华报》