Publications 出版

1111Books 书籍:

Cross-Gender China: Across Yin-Yang, Across Cultures, and Beyond Jingju. In English.  New York, London, and Oxfordshire: Routledge. 2017.

Change Destiny (改命). In Chinese. Beijing: New World Press. 2012.

Vibrations (磁场). In Chinese. Beijing: New World Press. 2010.

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Select Refereed Articles/Book Chapters 部分盲审期刊论文和学术著作章节:

Chinese Canadian Writers’ Association (Canada): Yan Li’s Trajectory in Canada: When All the Snow and Ice Melt. In Chinese Canadian Writers Quarterly, 2019. Forthcoming.
Brill Publishers (The Netherlands): Chinese Case Studies: The (In)compatibility Between Spirituality and Sexuality (book chapter)
. In Exploring Sexuality and Spirituality. In English. Leiden: Brill Publishers. Forthcoming (as of February 22, 2019, the entire manuscript is listed by Brill Publishers in the top 5% to be published).
International Journal of Social Science and Humanity (Singapore, included in Google Scholar, DLAJ, Engineering and Technology, Digital Library, Crossref, Index Copernicus, and ProQuest):
A New Gender Revolution in China: Beyond the Resumption of A Historical Authenticity. In English. Accepted upon triple-blind review. Forthcoming.
Women Suffrage and Beyond (Canada): The Democratic Project: 20 Chinese Women’s Attitudes towards Suffrage and Referendum. In English. August 20, 2016.
Electronic Journal of Folklore (Europe): Mediumship and the Economy of Luck and Fate: Contemporary Chinese Society Behind the Supernatural Thrillers. Special issue of belief narratives. In English. Vol. 65. Spring 2016. 111-128.
Inter-Disciplinary Press (UK): Case Studies of Prior Self-Knowledge and Synchronistic Signs of Approaching Death. In Blunt Traumas: Negotiating Suffering and Death. Edited by Nate Hinerman and Holly Lynn Baumgartner. In English. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press. June 2016. 41-50.
International East-West Studies (PRC): Dialogue with Carl Jung: On Causality Behind Synchronicity. In Chinese. Vol. 3. 2014. 92-99.
Journal of East-West Thought (USA): Repression, Silence and Cinematic Language: Eastern Sensibility in Visualizing an American Western. In English. Number 1. Volume 4. March 2014. 83-94.
International East-West Studies (PRC): On Psychology of Divination and Fortune-Telling from Intercultural Perspectives. In Chinese. Vol. 2. 2013. 221-228.
Women Suffrage and Beyond (Canada): “Gender Trouble” in Model Plays: A Different Kind of Feminism? In English. May 26, 2013.
SQS Journal of Queer Studies (Europe): The “Law of Attraction” in Interracial Homoerotic Desires. In English. 1-2/2012. 27-38.
Journal of Community Positive Practices (Europe): Buddhism: Rethinking Sexual Misconduct. In English. Volume 2. June 2012. 303-321.

Book/Media/Social Issue Reviews 书评、媒体评论、社会评论:

Chinese Social Sciences Net (中国社会科学网) (PRC):Faith Fears No Distance: A Work Dedicated to Dr. Norman Bethune. In Chinese. August 6, 2019.
Art and Literature Periodical (文艺报) (PRC): A Retrospect of the Immigrant Journey. In Chinese. Reprinted. July 18, 2014.
Chinese Social Sciences Net (中国社会科学网) (PRC): Li Yan’s Lily in the Snow: A Focus on Diasporic Chinese Women’s Survivals. In Chinese. July 18, 2014.
Global Chinese Press (Canada): A Review of Lily in the Snow: When the Snow is Melting: A Retrospect of the Immigrant Journey (shorter version). In Chinese. B4. June 18, 2014.
Journal of Homosexuality (USA):
Media Review: A Jihad for Love. In English. 60 (5): 796-800. 2013.
Women Suffrage and Beyond (Canada): Women Immigrants and Social Justice: the Perspective of Lily in the Snow. In English. October 9, 2013.
Women Suffrage and Beyond (Canada): The Daughter of the Red Land. In English. September 12, 2013.
Women Suffrage and Beyond (Canada): Glamour, Soft Power and International Image: China’s New First Lady, Peng Liyuan. In English. May 26, 2013.
Global Chinese Press (Canada): The Murder of Lin Jun: Sexuality, Race, Mentality, Immigrants’ Life and Publicity. In Chinese. A3, A5 and A7. August 10, 2012.